August 30, 2007

Cooler heads prevail

Calm, cool and collected.

Those would be good words to describe Bobby Reid at the first weekly media luncheon in Stillwater this past Monday.

Call it maturity, call it experience, call it whatever you want, but the junior signal-caller seemed more at ease at the podium than usual.

Pretty impressive, considering it's game week for one of the biggest games on Oklahoma State's 2007 schedule. Even so, he stood there, took questions, answered them honestly with a smile and entertained media members in attendance.

"I've been embarrassed in front of crowds of people," said Reid, after being asked what happened when he didn't go the way coaches wanted him to. "The only good things about it is I've had my helmet on my head, so people may not know exactly who he was talking to."

Comments like that suggest he's older, wiser and more able to take criticism and responsibility. Head coach Mike Gundy said he's definitely changed a lot from last year to now.

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