September 4, 2007

Vandervelde hopes to improve in week two

They say that a football improves the most from week one to week two and Julian Vandervelde is hoping that is the case. The Davenport native made his first start this past weekend and did well, but he also knows he can do much better. The Iowa guard talks about what the film revealed to him, the improvement he hopes will take place, playing at night in Kinnick, and much more.

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Read the transcript here:

Q: What about the difference from going into week one to week two?

VANDERVELDE: I think there is going to be a big difference going into the second week. For me personally, in the first game it was an entirely different tempo going from practice to a game. I think that now allows me to practice more for a game situation because now I know an feel the tempo that I am going to have to take on to the field.

Q: What was the first look at the tape like and what could you pick out about your game?

VANDERVELDE: Tape is probably our most valuable asset, just being able to go back and watch it. The coaches like to say that it is never as good or never as bad as it is on the field. That is pretty true. There are just so many things that you can correct on the tape. You can go back right away and say here are four or five things in just the first quarter of the game that I can work on to perform better next week.

Q: What have the coaches said about Syracuse?

VANDERVELDE: The only thing that I really know about Syracuse is that Coach Morgan has said that they have peculiar defenses. For a younger guy like me who is just trying to get into the system and the mental aspect down, it really presents a different kind of challenge. They might give us some different kinds of looks and we might have to game plan differently and really communicate as an offensive line to make sure that we are really picking things up.

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