September 5, 2007

Looking for redemption

While so much of the focus this week about you know who bringing his new team back to play his old team, which would normally be enough motivation for the old team, there are two other major reasons for BC to really be up for this football game this Saturday.

1 - The chance to go 2-0 on the season and 2-0 in the conference, with a very tough game coming up the following Saturday night in Atlanta against Georgia Tech.

2 - Most of the current Eagles remember what happened in Raleigh last year.

Let's deal first with the latter.

"I thought we had that game won," Jolonn Dunbar said Wednesday, talking about BC's stunning, last-second 17-15 loss at North Carolina State. "Just to have that game taken away the way it (was)...I'm speechless. That was a tough loss. Tough loss."

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