September 9, 2007

Horns riding high after second-half performance


What a tale of two halves. Texas looked nothing short of horrible in the first 30 minutes and Longhorn fans were ready to write off the season. But the second half was complete domination by the Horns on both sides of the ball.

In the first half, TCU dominated the line of scrimmage when Texas was on offense and the Frogs were able to disrupt the Longhorns' offensive scheme with a variety of blitzes and a lot of movement before the snap that seemed to throw off Colt McCoy's rhythm. In the second half, McCoy was able to buy some time, allowing his receivers to break free in the secondary. The Texas offensive line played its best football in a while in the second half, especially in the running game. Seeing Jamaal Charles find running room was a sight for sore Longhorn eyes, and his 39-yard scoring scamper in the fourth quarter was the type of play that Texas fans have been waiting to see for a long while.

Execution was obviously a big part in UT's success, but so was the team's mental make-up. The players and coaches couldn't have been happy in the locker room during the break, and once Texas got things going in the third quarter the entire team seemed to pick up confidence. Things kind of snowballed once the Horns got their first score, and the second-half performance is certainly something that the team can build on moving forward.


Check back in one week. Seriously, this is a tough question to answer after only two games, but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Texas probably isn't as bas as it looked in the first half, but one certainly cannot expect the Longhorns to dominate like they did in the second half on a weekly basis.

Texas did look terrific in blowing the game open in the third and fourth quarters, but this is still a team that has struggled more than it has dominated in the first two contests. The offensive production in the second half is more in line with what the expectations should be looking forward, as Texas should definitely be able to play better than it did in the first six quarters of the season. Defensively, one would think that the Horns will continue to get better as some of the new faces get more reps, and Duane Akina will continue to discover what works and what does not.

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