September 12, 2007

Cronan: TOB Bowl over

R.R. Marshall: Peter, last week you were a little unsure of how the Eagles would do against Wake Forest in Jeff Jagodzinski's inaugural game as the new BC head coach. What kind of game did you anticipate against North Carolina State in what I guess we will call the Tom O'Brien Bowl from now on?

Peter Cronan: I was confident going into this game. I thought BC would win, but I didn't think it would be an easy win by any means. There was a lot on the table for the BC players in this game because of all the emotional connections with Tom O'Brien and his staff. I really thought that NC State gave BC all they could handle in the first half, but the Eagles were able to shut down NC State in the second half and pull away with a decisive victory. The thermal thermometer on the surface of the field was 126 degrees; you could have fried an egg on the field. BC really showed off their depth in this game, and the coaches did a good job or rotating people in and out all game long. They had plenty of gas in the tank for the entire afternoon, and the game ended up giving them the opportunity to play in those kinds of oppressive conditions. I would expect there is a high probability that Georgia in September will be hot and humid even at night, so they should now be prepared for the weather down south.

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