September 18, 2007

Cronan: Vertical dream

R.R. Marshall: Peter, it was quite the game for Matt Ryan last Saturday night against Georgia Tech. The BC senior quarterback completed 30 of 44 passes for a career-high 435 yards, and while the records are sketchy I believe the last time the skies of Atlanta were so ablaze General Sherman was marching his army through Georgia?

Peter Cronan: Yes, it was quite the night. This was a total box-to-wire effort by the Eagles. They started things off with an 11-play, 95-yard drive and never looked back. There were big plays all over the place, and Matt Ryan just lit the place up. It was quite a show, and it couldn't have happened at a better time in terms of his visibility on a national stage. I thought the BC receivers were outstanding in this game. After seven drops in last week's game against NC State, they only had one dropped ball Saturday night. You could tell by his tone that Jeff Jagodzinski considered it a correctable matter and they put in some extra effort last week and it certainly reaped dividends. They had a great day against Wake Forest and an off day against NC State, and the question became which of the two is the true Boston College passing game? I think we got a look at it in this game. Give Ryan credit for the arm, but the Eagle receivers made a lot of tough catches. They also racked up a lot of yards after the catch where they made that first Georgia Tech defender miss.

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