September 18, 2007

NU Notes: Bowman hands over his Blackshirt

Zack Bowman interview from Tuesday

As the Nebraska football team entered the Hawks Center for Tuesday's practice, senior captain Zack Bowman trotted out last on the field and one thing was noticeably different right away-Bowman wasn't wearing a jersey of any kind.

As Bowman came over to join the rest of his defensive teammates, a red No. 1 jersey was tossed over at him instead of his Blackshirt practice jersey.

Bowman came over towards me and asked if I'd help him pull the jersey over his pads and the first question I asked him was "where's your Blackshirt jersey, did it rip or something?"

Bowman said: "It's in my locker where it belongs. The way we played on Saturday, I don't feel like I deserve to wear my Blackshirt."

It was clear as Bowman joined the rest of his teammates for practice he was trying to make a statement on Tuesday as they all were still wearing their Blackshirts.

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