October 2, 2007

Jimbo Fisher talks about the offense

FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher spoke with the media Monday afternoon about the pending announcement that red-shirt junior Xavier Lee would be the starting quarterback, what Lee needs to do to keep that job, the improved offensive line play, the play of Antone Smith, and various other topics.

Q: So are you going to make it official?

What's that?

Q: Your starting quarterback?

No, no. On that situation, I haven't gotten a chance to sit down with both of them yet, and until I sit down with both of them, I don't want them to hear what's coming out from coming from here. I'm going to sit down and tell them personally, together, and then we'll make the call.

Q: Coach Bowden already spilled the beans during the booster luncheon.

Then he's the boss. That's his [decision]. I haven't talked to him, I'm not getting into that. Whatever he announces is always right, isn't it? They've got a statue of you out there, that makes it right.

Q: He did tell the boosters that it had to have your blessing.

Well, I just want to speak with the young men themselves before they hear it out of my mouth.

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