October 4, 2007

Horns still searching for their identity

I called Mack Brown a liar. He spoke a couple of weeks before the start of the season and talked about how the Longhorns have to find out who they are as a team.

I said to anyone that would listen that it had to be a lie because how could a team not know who they were so close to the start of the season?

I owe Brown a big apology.

After seeing this team play five times this season and hearing the comments of Brown, the other coaches and his players, it is clear that this team is still looking for an identity.

Any team finds its identity by figuring out what it does best and hitching its trailer to that strength and moving forward. This Texas team has yet to figure out what it does best. This team seems to constantly be trying to fit square pegs into round holes and trying to piece the talent into the philosophy of the coaching staff.

Everyone knows that this team has issues along the front line and the biggest question in the locker room might be how much this offensive line can improve in one season.

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