October 16, 2007

Media day notebook: Tigers not happy

The Missouri Tigers have heard all the talk. They've gotten the congratulatory pats on the back. They know many people didn't expect them to give Oklahoma much of a game. And they're tired of it.

"We knew it," said Martin Rucker. "It wasn't like we were like, 'Oh, we can play with Oklahoma.' We knew going into the game that we could play with Oklahoma. That wasn't any question."

After losing the game, there was plenty of talk about moral victories around the country. Not in the Tiger locker room.

"Pissed off. Very upset that we didn't get the victory," Sean Weatherspoon said when asked about the team's attitude. "Some people might be satisfied with just playing with Oklahoma, but I mean, like coach Pinkel said, he said that pisses him off. We're a good team too. We can play with any team in the country, but we don't feel good with just hanging around with people."

"Coach Pinkel made a great talk to us yesterday about I'm sick and tired of people patting us on the back, hey we did a great job," Chase Daniel echoed. "We should have won the game. And that's true, we should have."

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