October 17, 2007

Morse: No finger pointing on this team

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Q: How well are the offensive and defensive players getting along on this team?

Morse: Coach (Randy) Shannon has done a great job of making us a team, not separated. We talk to those guys, where before it's been a separate team. Now we're close, really do care, go back and forth in a game, say what we should have done. There's no finger pointing. We'll go three and out and they'll go down the field and score, and we're thinking `Man, we have to keep the defense off the field, give them a rest.' Let's say we go on a 14-play drive, our defense gets three and out, we have to get back on the field again. It's kind of the same thing. It makes us tired, so we realize the other way around when our defense has to be on the field the whole time, how tired they're getting. That's our fault.

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