October 17, 2007

Forty Acres Report - Experience or athleticism?


Last week, the Texas coaches caught everybody by surprise when they ran in the entire second string offense in the first quarter against Iowa State. The staff had told the back-ups early in the week that if they practiced well leading up to the game they would get in early, and they informed the second-team unit on Friday that they would go in for the third series of the game, unless the drive was starting inside either 20-yard line.

The drive began on the Texas 39 and the reserves moved the ball 17 yards, and the coaches said there were positives and negatives from the move.

"We thought it would help morale at practice because we haven't gotten in the games as much we wanted. We also felt like we did not finish the last two games in the fourth quarter like we wanted to," said Mack Brown. "We thought that putting more players in the game earlier would help us with more energy in the fourth quarter.

"It also gave us a chance to talk to the second team about 'you guys want to get in the game, when you get in you need to score.' Because that's the only time we didn't score at the first of the game."

Offensive coordinator Greg Davis said the coaches will look at implementing a similar plan over the course of the season, but he wouldn't go so far as to say the staff will follow a pattern.

"I don't know if we'll do it every week, but the more guys you can play, the more depth that you create, the better practice is," said Davis.

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