October 31, 2007

Special teams lead against Hokies

Quarterback - B+

"Lost cause. Lets get 'em next time boys. We're still 7-1." After a rain-drenched and frustrating 56 minutes full of turnovers, penalties, incompletions and no points on the board, your average college quarterback packs it in for the night. But you see, our quarterback isn't average. Not even close. Matt Ryan left it all on the field on Thursday and led BC to what was truly an unbelievable victory. Ryan's intangibles and mental stamina in the last four minutes of the game trumped his previous poor play and left all the fans at Lane Stadium (minus the BC contingent) speechless.

Running Backs - C+

Good news and bad news. The good - Andre Callender's catch with :11 seconds left. His effort to get so wide open against the prevent defense and ability to focus on the ball as it got lost in the lights and than reappeared in his arms was nothing short of heroic. The bad - everything else. The fast Virgina Tech defense and sloppy field limited the running game for the most part which had been so successful the previous few weeks. In addition, the blocking was almost non-existent from Callender, L.V. Whitworth, and Ryan Thompson - one of the main reasons why Ryan was flushed from the pocket so often.

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