November 5, 2007

A sad state of affairs

Usually Saturdays are meant for work. As a college football sportswriter, I don't just watch the team I cover, Texas A&M, I also watch as many games I can during the day. I vote for All-Americans and other awards, so I take it seriously.

This Saturday, however, I wasn't in Norman watching the Aggies lose to Oklahoma, 42-14. Instead, I took a very random week off from covering the team and watched games all day long in Dallas with old college friends. That night, I attended a watch party with a group of Aggies at an apartment to see A&M take on the Sooners.

What happened is the best depiction of the current state of Aggie football.

The game was a side note, and the catalyst of the events through the night. Upon arriving, after chowing down on a delicious buffet of tacos and fajitas, we were all handed a slip of paper. It was a B-I-N-G-O card, with the word "Aggie" substituted for "Bingo."

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