November 6, 2007

ASI Insider Report: Weatherford turning a corner

Weatherford coming into his own (By Derek Redd, The Osceola)

When offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher arrived at Florida State, he wasted little time in throwing the entire playbook at his new offense. While some coordinators like to teach one play to perfection and then move to the next, Fisher wanted to show the Seminoles the entire spectrum.

Quarterback Drew Weatherford said that early crash course, while very tough, paid big dividends against Boston College.

"There were a lot of things in the Boston College that we would not have been able to do if we didn't work on them earlier in the year," Weatherford said Monday. "We didn't run them up to that point and, all of a sudden, he pulled them back into the offense and we had an understanding of what was going on and how to operate."

With those new plays at their disposal, the Seminoles dictated the pace of the game against the Eagles and racked up 452 yards of total offense, the third-largest total of the 2007 season. FSU gouged Duke for 534 yards and ripped UAB for 520 yards, but neither were the No. 2 team in the country like Boston College was.

Weatherford said learning the offense was no easy task, especially when Fisher put the entire playbook on the Seminoles' plate.

"When he came in, he threw everything at us," he said. "We were doing stuff over the summer and spring that we did in the first game. Right when he got here, we were doing a bunch of stuff - all different types of personnel groups, all different types of motions. And it was difficult to handle."

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