November 13, 2007

Tuesday's Top Tigers

Tuesday's Top Tigers makes its return to Each week from now through the end of football season, we will rank the 11 Tigers who had the best game the previous week. A player's ranking one week has no bearing on his placement on the list the next week. This is our list of the 11 Tigers who had the best days in the 40-26 win over A&M:

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Tuesday's Top Tigers
1 Tony Temple, TB Easily Temple's best game of the season. Some called it the best of his career. Missouri can be a great team when Temple plays like that. NR
2 Jeremy Maclin, WR What else can you say about the kid? He is now less than 100 yards away from setting an all-purpose record for freshmen. 8
3 Chase Daniel, QB Daniel threw for another 352 and three touchdowns. Again, what else can you say? 2