November 14, 2007

Senior day won't hear many names called

In the aftermath of Texas Tech's difficult-to-swallow loss to the University of Texas, Red Raider fans and players alike are unlikely to be in a celebratory mood. But the grief of that loss should not blind Red Raiders to the fact that they still do have much for which to be grateful. Some manner of celebration, therefore, is in order.

To that end, with the impending conclusion of yet another unforgettable season in college football, the time is ripe to celebrate the senior players who have endured travails, basked in glory, and have arrived at the terminus of their playing career. For the vast majority of them, the final snap they play in college will be the last down of football they will ever participate in. It's surely a bittersweet thing for all concerned, but it is also momentous and poignant.

Fortunately for Texas Tech, the senior roll call on November 17, 2007, when the Oklahoma Sooners come to town, will be relatively short. The Red Raiders graduate only 14 seniors from the program. They are Chris Parker, Taylor Read, Grant Walker, Danny Amendola, David Schaefer, Alex Trlica, Paul Williams, Joe Garcia, Chad Hill, Kellen Tillman, Ty Linder, Michael Bettenhausen, Kelly Hildebrandt and Tyler Yenzer.

Among that group there are no superstars, few stars, and only a handful of starters.

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