November 18, 2007

Shannon: We have to recruit our butts off

After losing consecutive games to opponents that scored over 40 points, and with a 5-6 record, coach Randy Shannon is sure of one thing: He hates losing.

"I don't ever quit, never give up," he said. "I can't accept losing. I've been through too much in my life to give up, quit. I persevere, press on. I don't say, `Well, okay, this is it.'"

Shannon spoke more about UM's 44-14 loss at Virginia Tech on Saturday, saying, "Yesterday's game, we said our goal was to make the score in the first quarter to be 0-0, or be up," he said. "Another thing we were stressing was turnovers. It was 17-0 first quarter, we had three turnovers. We came back, it was 20-14. We had an opportunity in the third quarter, a third down series we had an opportunity to get off the field and our offense was doing some good things. And we didn't get off the field. That was the biggest turning point in the game.

"We had some good things in the game. (Leonard) Hankerson came up with some big plays in the game. It was good to see him catch the football, score a touchdown. That's the future. Also some bright points, you see Darnell Jenkins was our fourth return guy with all the injuries we've got. He did some good things. Those were positives in the game. The negatives were we have to do a better job as a coaching staff and get players to understand what we're getting done. Like I told players, we don't have bad players, bad kids. I always say this. I learned this in my first year: I've got to get players and coaches to understand my mentality. If players don't understand my mentality they won't ever be successful. That's just how it is. I have to make them understand what I think. (That will) be a turning point, a learning process for everybody. I take responsibility for that. I had high hopes for this season because I see talent, but I don't look at all the other things involved. You see guys 6-4, 6-5 that can run, jump. You think `Wow, this is talent.' I don't look at all the other things. I've learned that this year and understand that."

Now the Canes have a final game at nationally ranked Boston College this Saturday. If Miami can't win that there will be no bowl berth for the first time since 1997.

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