November 19, 2007

Coordinator Q&A: Jimbo Fisher

Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher participated in his weekly Monday press conference earlier today. He talked about such subjects as the play of Preston Parker at running back, the status of the other running backs, preparing for Florida, Tim Tebow, addressed coaching rumors surrounding his name, and much more.

Q: Is Preston [Parker] staying at tailback?

We'll mix him in. He'll stay there and do some things. He'll still stay at tailback and play there. I mean, he was too productive. Plus, we should have the other guys back, but we're still looking at injury status and how effective everybody will be and the depth of everything we do.

Q: Are you lining him up both places?

He's still a wide receiver, but he'll play some tailback. It's kind of hard to say until we get the guys out there today. They all got treatment and say they're better. (We won't know) until we figure out our depth there and what goes on in how we progress in the game plan during the week.

Q: He's your Percy Harvin, isn't he?

Well, I don't know. To be honest with you, Percy's a great player and makes all kinds of great plays. I don't like to compare guys. He's our Preston Parker. That's how I like to refer to him. That's who he is and what he is. He can be a special guy if he continues to grow and develop as a player.

Q: What were your hopes Saturday? You knew you were rolling the dice a little bit.

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