December 13, 2007

Are Dixon's academics in order?

The journey of McKinner Dixon, a talented, colorful, and confident defensive lineman from Lufkin, TX, is coming full-circle. His story needs no lengthy introduction, as most Tech fans have a painfully in-depth knowledge of the history surrounding Dixon and Texas Tech. Having left Tech in a tight spot of sorts two years ago, many Tech fans had their fingers crossed a couple of weeks ago when Dixon speculated that he might take official visits to a few other schools.

However, after seeing several Tech coaches face-to-face, Dixon quickly changed his mind and declared himself a 100% committed Red Raider. Yet, several die-hard Red Raider fans are still holding their collective breath until Dixon clears his final hurdle: grades.

The same beast that rendered him ineligible two years ago could have derailed him a second time, but Dixon says he's determined not to let that happen.

"My grades are all good," explained the four-star recruit. "I made sure to sit down with all of my teachers and explain my situation and they've been real good about just making sure I know exactly what I need to do. As of right now, I have 2 C's and an A for sure, and I know I'm looking at maybe A's in the other two."

It's abundantly clear when talking to Dixon that, even though he might have had second thoughts for a brief period, he is brimming with excitement about his upcoming move to the South Plains.

"I just can't wait to get out to Tech," he laughed. "I'm ready to be done here! My last final is on Wednesday and it just won't be here soon enough. It's unreal that in a month I'll be in Lubbock playing ball. That's crazy."

Though Dixon ended his junior college experience yesterday, he plans to make a quick detour on his way to Lubbock.

"As soon as I'm done, I'm going to head home for Christmas," he explained. "I'll be there probably until right after Christmas and then I'll head up to Lubbock. I want to get all settled in so I can just hit the ground running."

Also on the lineman's agenda is to pack on a few extra pounds of muscle.

"I'm at like 255-260 right now," he said of his weight. "But I feel a lot smaller than when I was at Tech. I need to add about 10-pounds or so and keep my speed if I want to play to my full potential. I think I'll be able to do that easily. I've never felt this quick and my knee isn't bothering me for the first time in what feels like forever, so I'm feelin' real good."

Don't look just yet Tech fans, but when it comes to the recruitment of McKinner Dixon, you're almost out of the woods.

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