March 31, 2008

2010 DL is getting a lot of attention

Yes, we are only two months past Signing Day 2008, so we are only a little less than two years away from Signing Day 2010, but sometimes a player stands out enough to get recognized this early and Jeffrey Whitaker is one of the them.

"Last year went pretty good for me; I had around 50 tackles and 3 sacks, and 15 tackles for loss."

He was only a sophomore, but it did not take teams long to scheme against the 6-foot-3, 295-pound beast in the middle.

"Yes, I saw some double teams and it happened fast. It took about two games and then I started getting double teamed and more sometimes. I know I am going to see a lot more of that, but I am working hard, so I think I will do well with it."

The sophomore may be young, but it means a great deal to him to receive that attention.

"Getting double teamed is getting respect," he said. "They respect me enough to put two men on me and sometimes three. They know I am coming, they know I am there, and they do what they can to keep me out of the play."

What do these opposing schools see in Whitaker to cause them to game plan around him? Is he a run stopper? Is a pass rush specialist?

"I would say a little bit of both," he admitted. "If you evaluate me off of last year, then you would probably say I am a run stopper, but I think I can do well in both. I need to work on my hands and stuff, but I think this year you will see more of both pass rush and run stop."

Warner Robins Head Coach Bryan Way speaks very highly of his rising junior.

"It was evident very quickly that he was very talented and very gifted," said Way after coaching him for one year after he transferred over from Northeast Macon.

"He works hard every day, he works very hard in the weight room, he practices hard, and he has everything that you look for in attitude. Plus, he has outstanding ability, he has very good size, he is very strong, he has great quickness up front, and when you combine all those physical tools with his work ethic, then the sky is the limit for him."

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