June 20, 2008

Nation's top TE was back in Athens

Over the last four months, Georgia has hosted the top tight end in the country on their campus three times. Orson Charles received an offer from UGA during his second visit and he was back to compete in the Mark Richt Camp last weekend.

"I think I did a good job at tight end at the camp," said Charles. "I actually wanted to go work with the receivers some too, but Coach [John] Lilly wanted me to stay with him."

"I wanted more of a challenge, so I thought working against some good corners would be tough. I wanted to show that I had enough speed to run away from corners and to catch balls on good defensive players."

"Coach Lilly would not let me go over there with them, so I think I did good at tight end. I caught some passes and stuff."

This was Charles first chance to work under Georgia's new tight ends coach. The 6-foot-3, 216-pound four-star tight end out of Tampa (Fla.) Plant said the first impression was good.

"I really like Coach Lilly. We went at it the whole time, but it was great. He would give me a hard time; he would throw balls hard at me, and he would work me, but I liked it."

"He is a very serious coach on the field, but off the field he is very laid back. He is a very funny guy and I love it."

Coach Lilly was not the only serious coach in Athens on Saturday. The UGA target saw Head Coach Mark Richt show who was in charge early on Saturday morning.

"I love Coach Richt's attitude," he said, "he told everyone to sit down on the side of the light pole when we were getting ready for camp to start, and when everyone did not do it, he called them out and told them to get where he asked them to."

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