June 19, 2008

FSU players blow the doors off in 40 testing

"Better, stronger, faster" was the catch phrase from the 1970's show The Six Million Dollar Man. It's also a phrase that the Florida State football team is hoping to coin in 2008.

Based on some of the lifting results coming from the Seminole Strength Complex, it looks like the 2008 Seminoles are getting stronger compared to the last couple years. And after Thursday's performance testing, which included the 40-yard dash, we now know this team is faster. Whether or not they will be "better", the most important part of the three-word phrase, won't be known until this fall.

Just based on the preliminary unofficial results, five players broke the 4.4 barrier and that doesn't even count track All-American Michael Ray Garvin, who is probably the fastest player on the team. And a dozen players broke the 4.5 mark and that includes two linebackers. But just as impressive was having to defensive ends, who both weigh well over 250 pounds, break the 4.6 barrier - Everette Brown and Neefy Moffett - checking in with 40-times of 4.58 and 4.59 seconds, respectively.

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