July 25, 2008

Fletcher excited for practice to resume

This week, EagleAction.com has caught up with two of the three freshmen who enrolled early at BC last spring. The third member of this trio is cornerback Donnie Fletcher. So what landed Fletcher at BC in the first place?

"The opportunity to play early, and of course academics were the two biggest reasons. You get a great education here. Playing in the ACC was big too," said Fletcher.

Was it tough to leave high school behind early and enroll at BC in January?

"It was a real hard adjustment coming here early because there was only the three of us all together. We were the youngest people on campus, so as far as social life it was hard adjusting. Classes were a tough adjustment too. The school work was much more demanding," said Fletcher.

What was the toughest adjustment on the field?

"The speed of the game wasn't a big adjustment, but physically it was a big adjustment. Guys were just a lot bigger. The tempo of practice was way different then high school too. It's so fast pace you go from station to station without water breaks and stuff. The first day of practice I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off," joked Fletcher.

In the spring coaches were quick to compliment how quickly Fletcher was picking up the defense. Infact, the freshman was so impressive in the spring that he's set himself as one of the top two or three candidates to be the nickel back this season. Is that a goal that the cornerback has set for himself coming into this season?

"My goal right now is to get as much playing time as possible. Whether it's starting, playing nickel, kickoffs, anything, I just want as much playing time as I can my freshman year," said Fletcher

Has Fletcher worked with any special teams units so far?

"For special teams I've worked on punt returns. I'm competing right now as a returner on that," said .Fletcher

Fletcher admits that he didn't return punts much in high school. Is fielding the punts a tough adjustment?

"Those punts are up there. It's hard to judge it sometimes with the sun and the wind," laughed Fletcher.

Who else has been working as a punt returner?

"So far, I think it's just been Brandon Robinson and Rich Gunnell, but there's probably going to be a few more freshmen back there competing," said Fletcher.

For now it looks like Fletcher's best shot at getting on the field is at cornerback. Who's given him the biggest matchup problems in practice?

"I'd have to say B-Rob. He's a really good route runner. So is Rich Gunnell too. They make a lot of moves instead of just running a regular straight route," said Gunnell.

What's been Fletcher's secret to raising so many eyebrows in his short career?

"I think me being so physical is what's going to get me on the field. I'm not afraid to come down and tackle," said Fletcher.

Is there anything the freshman is working on in particular before the season starts?

"I got to work on when to open my hips. Sometimes I open too early, sometimes I open too late," said Fletcher.

If Fletcher continues to progress like he did in spring one thing's for sure' he won't have much to worry about.

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