August 11, 2008

Lynn takes chance to see Sooner practice

In the day and age of high school athletes being well known faces not only in their own community but around the nation, few places provide as much adoration, or scrutiny, than Jenks, Okla. Few players over the last 15 years of Trojan domination of Oklahoma's 6A classification have garnered more attention from college coaches than four-star cornerback Gabe Lynn.

As such it's no surprise that Lynn is fawned over each and every time he steps onto a college campus. His trip to Norman on Friday was no different as he spent ample time with Sooner head coach Bob Stoops.

"Coach Stoops was talking to us a lot, he was telling us about every position and why they practice the way that they do," Lynn recalled. "It was good to talk to him."

It certainly wasn't the first conversation that Stoops has had with Lynn and his father, Tyrone, but it was his first opportunity to watch Sooner defensive backs coach Bobby Jack Wright in person.

"I got a feel for him. You hear a lot of stuff about him that he's crazy or whatever but from my point of view, I know all the players get coached like that," he said. "He wants you to respect him and the other players. He coaches you hard but he wants to get the best out of you.

"I think everybody needs a tough coach, you need that to get better. You won't get better if you aren't getting pushed."

Like most who saw Friday's workout the Oklahoma drill was a real highlight of the 6-foot, 185-pound corner's time in Norman.

"I got to watch the Oklahoma drill, and the intensity was real high, the guys seemed like they were having a lot of fun," he said.

"I was trying to keep my distance from Loadholt, he could be 20-feet away and fall and hit me. I felt bad for the dude who had to go against him it wasn't even a competition."

It's no secret to anyone who had played football in the state of Oklahoma, practices in August can be one of the most brutal endurance tests of both one's physical strength and mental ability to tolerate teammates. Lynn says the Sooners camaraderie was something that stood out to him immediately.

"The day I was out there it seemed like they were having fun," he said. "If they weren't having fun it was because they didn't want to. Everything stays fast pace.

"Our coaches try to keep it structured and keep the tempo up, but at that level it's a lot faster and everyone is a lot bigger. Everything is just fast and full speed, it's tough on that level because it's like a job and they don't have a big break like we do to relax."

Few practices in the country are more well organized than the well-proven methods of Allan Trimble and his staff and Lynn says the team is just days away from going for it's third straight state title.

However, even with two rings on his dresser Lynn says there is a new level he hopes the 2008 version of Jenks will reach.

"We actually start on Tuesday, we plan on taking another (championship) home," Lynn stated. "We want to go undefeated, the past two years we've lost a game. We want to be perfect."

Lynn, the nation's No. 3 cornerback prospect, says he is well aware of where his team needs to improve to accomplish the goal of perfection. Surprisingly it's not a position group that needs to step up, it's a few particular veteran Trojans.

"I think we've got to get more leadership out of the seniors, a lot of the guys from my class haven't played a lot since we had a great senior class last year," he said. "That's a great thing about Jenks we always have guys step up.

Once that happens we'll be straight. Our quarterbacks, we've got two good guys fighting for the spot. I have faith that whoever gets the job will do what we need to win."

The talented defender, who attended the Sooners practice with Jarrett Lake, said again said he is thinking of making it to an OSU practice before the beginning of his season but beyond that has only started to set up any official visit plans.

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