August 11, 2008

Neuheisel on QB situation

Another day and another challenge on the job for new head football coach, Rick Neuheisel. He now needs to find a new quarterback in time for the opening game against Tennessee in a mere three weeks from today (August 11th).

To make matters worse for the Bruins reserve offensive lineman Mike Harris limped off the field with an ankle injury. Everybody who follows UCLA football knows that the offensive front is a position that UCLA can ill afford to lose bodies.

Neuheisel: "I'm a little nervous about Mike Harris (went down with an ankle injury), hopefully we will get some good news, but you hate to see an offensive lineman go down when you're as thin as are, but hopefully we will get him back quickly."

Was it a knee or ankle?

Neuheisel: "Ankle, at least that was what they were talking about on the field. I'll have more details later."

An ankle is usually better than a knee…

Neuheisel: "Yeah, but the term you don't want to hear is that high ankle. The high ankle is long, but hopefully we will get good news."

Let's start with Ben Olson?

Neuheisel: "Yeah, guess you guys got the news. He has a fracture again, the same foot. It's a crushing blow to the young man because he has put so much time and effort into this program let alone rehab getting back. It is just really unfortunate and sometimes you just have a hard time understanding why things happen. I know I had that conversation with Patrick Cowan and now we are having it with Ben, but good news is, you look for silver linings, he'll be back before the end of the season.

"I told him that my career was made in the months of October and November so hopefully he can have the same thing and we will just remain optimistic."

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