August 13, 2008

Allen's decision just days away

For a high school student-athlete, the biggest decision they'll make in their young lives is what college they will choose to attend.

For quarterbacks there is no greater quality than calm in the moments of greatest pressure.

So with three-star quarterback Drew Allen just a few days away from making his collegiate decision what does he want to talk about; the same thing as everyone else, Michael Phelps.

"Man, I'm waiting for him to start racing," Allen said shortly before Phelps' record-setting gold Medal No. 10 victory.

While he is wrapped up in the Olympics may currently have Allen's attention each night, with his team's practice getting started on Monday his attention is more than slightly divided when the sun is up. Allen said his San Antonio Alamo Heights team practiced in the rain on Tuesday and is ready for week after week of nasty weather this season.

"It rained through the whole first segment through later in the day. Then it just kept raining. Coach called practice after like an hour but man if we played somebody in the rain we'd win," he said. "I thought we dominated in the rain. I thought we did really well yesterday as well."

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