August 18, 2008

Monday practice notes

Monday morning practice notes:

The biggest item from Monday's morning session was Hamani Stevens return to the offensive line after working out at defensive tackle the first two weeks of camp. Duck Sports Authority spoke to Coach Mike Bellotti before practice.

"Hamani was at number six or seven on the defensive line chart so he will actually move up at center," coach Bellotti remarked.

Of the two new junior college transfers Ellis Krout and Tyrell Irvin, coach Bellotti thinks Krout is more ready to play now.

"Ellis is in great shape. He is a good enough athlete now but he needs to focus on learning the system and playing less anxious," Bellotti commented on the wide receiver transfer.

Tyrell Irvin fared less well in the early evaluation.

"Tyrell did not show up in good shape and that has set him back," the Head Coach began. "He is a very physical guy but both he and Ellis are kind of swimming out there right now like you might guess."

Coach Bellotti singled out freshman Garrett Embry for progressing nicely saying "He's got good awareness out there."

Practice observations:

Of the quarterbacks, the most accurate appear to be Costa, Roper and Masoli. All three of these guys throw a nice ball most the time. The two freshmen, Chris Harper and Darron Thomas, are not as consistent with their accuracy at this point in their development. Chris was throwing the ball over the top today so his shoulder is improving.

Freshman Carson York spent repetitions with the number two offensive line today. He and fellow freshman Nick Cody are more advanced than most other freshman OL to enter the program. The same can be said for Hamani Stevens but he was just getting back into the swing of things today at center.

Speaking of center, the snaps were not good in the shotgun during OL drills with any consistency. That's something the offensive line staff is aware of and is working on. Max Unger was the most consistent shotgun snapper of the group thankfully for Duck fans.

A funny exchange took place between Chip Kelly and LeGarrette Blount during a quarterback scramble drill. The QB simulates a scramble, and the receivers in the pattern adjust their routes to compensate. The offensive line coordinator yelled to Blount after one play "What was that, a four-nine-five-zero?" Blount looked and him baffled and said "What?" Kelly explained "That's how fast you're running during this drill. Now let's go full speed."

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