October 6, 2008

Catching up with Rick Neuheisel

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel held a teleconference Sunday Evening to catch up the media with the latest going on with the team. He talks about injuries and about the Washington State game. He was also asked about UCLA last venture on the road and if he's going to make any changes.

Neuheisel: "No major injuries in the game. I guess Raymond Carter strained a groin on his one carry so we will have to see how he is throughout the week. Tom Blake is going to fine for the game, but is sore. So he may rest a practice or not go much during the padded practices. I think that's it."

How is Kahlil Bell and his ankle situation?

Neuheisel: "He's fine. I think that he'll be ready for Tuesday."

Is Kahlil in a situation where you guys almost have to look at there's only a certain amount you may get out of him from week to week for awhile?

Neuheisel: "You know, I'm hopeful that we are rounding the corner on that and that we're going to get more out of him, but he does have still the lingering effects of an ankle and he's fighting through that. He also still has lingering effects of an ACL injury. I mean he's playing running back with a brace on his knee."

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