October 23, 2008

Red Raiders eyeing top kicking specialist

What a roller coaster ride the recruiting process is.

After having spent a scholarship on a kicker in last year's class, Texas Tech is now actively recruiting another kicker in the 2009 class. Those following Tech's program know that the uncertainty surrounding the field goal and extra point duties has provided years worth of heartburn in just a short few weeks, and the situation has now reached the point where the Red Raiders will trot out a walk-on that wasn't even on the roster in fall camp.

So it's understandable that Tech's coaches are taking a long hard look at Keller Fossil Ridge kicker Chris Boswell, one of the most accurate kickers in the nation.

"Well, I've been starting on varsity since I was a freshman," he answered when asked about his resume. "I'm 36/40 on field goals thus far and am 177/177 on extra points. I've also started doing the punting this year, so that's been fun too."

But it's not just Boswell's stunning accuracy that has teams like Tech, Texas A&M, and Kansas State recruiting him, he's got a little bit of power in his right leg as well.

"I also do kick-offs, and I just started a new approach to the ball that has me putting them pretty far out of the end zone every time," he said. "I just kicked my longest field goal of my career last Friday from 51 yards out, but my longest in practice is 64 yards."

However, to hear Boswell tell it, those are all easy accomplishments when you have stellar instruction.

"One of our high school coaches actually coached Matt Bryant in college," he explained. "So this summer I went down to Tampa and worked with him. He taught me how to kick off the ground instead of a tee, which is a hard thing for a lot of incoming college guys. It was really helpful and I've seen a big difference in my kicks. I actually picked up kicking off the ground much faster because I've played soccer my whole life, so it actually feels more natural to me than kicking off a tee does. But yeah, he taught me some excellent stuff and worked a lot with me, which was just a fantastic opportunity."

The 6-foot-3, 180-pound kicker says that Tech's coaches have recently turned up the heat a little bit.

"They called the other day and basically explained their situation," he said. "They said they're real tight on scholarships, which I understand, but said that they were looking at me anyways. I guess they have a senior kicker who's about to graduate, and a freshman kicker too, but both of them have been having some issues I guess, so I think that's why they're interested so much as of late."

Check out this week's edition of the Red Raider Confidential for more scoop regarding Boswell, including his relationship with current Tech commit Aaron Fisher.

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