October 24, 2008

View: Weddell sees improvement among Aggies

Texas A&M lost a heartbreaker to Texas Tech Saturday as the youthful Aggies were no match for the explosive, experienced Red Raiders. However, what the Aggie faithful did see was a tight-knit group when the word experience can be added to their resume. The near perfect first half resulted in a 23-20 lead against the seventh-ranked team in the land. If the red zone offense had produced touchdowns instead of field goals (along with a holding call on a perfectly executed 80-yard touchdown pass) the lead might have been by 18. That would have made for a very interesting second half. As it is, a very talented and experienced Tech team put it together during the second half for the win, and the Aggies must wait while youth serves its day.

Offensively, the West coast offense begins with a power running game that sets up play action passes, a three-step drop passing game and four or five receivers to take whatever the defense gives you. Without the run game, a lot of pressure is put on the passing game because the defense can pin its ears back.

Knowing that due to an injury riddled and inexperienced offensive line (actually both tackles are really guards) the running game would be non-existent, the offensive coaches devised a game plan to utilize the talent on the field and keep Tech off balance. Instead of running the ball up the middle, they used the shovel pass to help keep Tech's pass rush in check. With that done, they used some of Tech's own medicine against them, spreading the field and finding the best personnel match-up at receiver.

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