October 28, 2008

Demien playing large

At 6-foot-6 and 295 lbs, junior offensive tackle Nick Demien is pretty easy to find on the field. The scary thing is that Demien wants to be even bigger and putting on more weight is not that difficult.

"It's not a super challenge," the junior said. "I would like to be just a little bit bigger because I would like to have a little more size coming into it. It's generally not a huge problem."

Although his size makes him look like a giant on the field, Demien thinks he is catching more looks from recruiters because of one of his teammates.

"One reason why I got all the major attention is my size, and probably two, Montee Ball being at my school," he said. "He draws in a lot of different colleges."

Ball, the 5-foot-11 running back, gave his verbal to Wisconsin back in June after having offers from Mizzou and a host of other Big 10 and Big 12 schools. Similarly, Demien is getting looks from more of the same schools. He currently holds one offer and it is from Iowa.

"The midwestern schools are the ones that have been sending me stuff," Demien said. "Especially, surrounding midwestern schools like KU, K-State, Wisconsin, Mizzou and the Illini."

Demien said his contact with Mizzou has not been that detailed. He has spoken with coach Ford a few times, but most of the contact comes through letters from time to time.

Even though he has not received an offer from Missouri, Demien said that an offer from Mizzou would be exciting.

"I definitely would like going to Mizzou because I have grown up around Mizzou," he said. "That's what all my family goes to, but I am really just keeping my options open though on where I want to go."

When it comes to picking a school, Demien said he is looking for positives both in the classroom and on the field.

"I am looking at the academics and something around a business of some sort degree when I graduate," he said. "Football wise, I am trying to find a similar offense to what we have now because I really like our offense that our high school runs. I don't know really how to explain it because we do so much. It's basically just not a set offense, but you do more than one certain type."

There are aspects of Mizzou's football program that have caught Demien's eyes when he catches them on TV. He especially likes the idea of the stand-up tackle that Missouri employs.

"I definitely like the way plays are blocked," he said. "I like that stand-up tackle being able to see what's coming a little bit better. Mizzou seems to pass quite a bit, and I feel that I am fairly good at pass blocking and that's kind of why I like their offense."

This season, Demien and the Marching Wolves are off to a great start with an 8-0 record. At a position where there are few if any statistics, Demien said he is playing well, but he still wants to work on become a complete player.

"I would probably say the reason I would like to be recruited is to say that I am an all-around good offensive lineman," Demien said. "Having all my points being as strong as I possibly can for myself. There is not just one certain thing I want to be good at. I want to be the best at everything I can be."

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