October 29, 2008

Craft talks to media

Bruin quarterback Kevin Craft calmly took questions from the media after Tuesday's practice. The questions were mainly along the lines on how the quarterback position is opening up over the bye week as if it were back in training camp. He showed the same poise that he has displayed when he is playing at his best.

You have heard that the staff wants to open up the quarterback and then make a decision. Do you feel more pressure this week because of that?

Craft: "No, because every week I approach the same. You have to prepare like you are going to be the guy otherwise you won't be ready and whether they will want to make a change or not, you have to be ready. Chris Forcier has to be ready, Osaar Rasshan has to be ready, Kevin Prince has to be ready and I have to be ready. I don't think my preparation is going to be any different."

Do you think it is at the point where opening things up again like in camp is the right choice at this time?

Craft: "That is not up to me. All I can do…"

I know it is not up to you, but I am asking that do you think it is a fair thing to do at this point?

Craft: "I don't know. I don't really think about that. When I come out here, all I think about is what I have to do and how I can get better. The same thing when I'm watching film and regardless of who is getting that rep, I'm trying to get it mentally. So it really doesn't matter to me."

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