November 25, 2008

He said-She said. Don't blink.


.She said::...



Gritty performance all around. The Arizona defense was stingy and the Beavers
had to get what they could.

Sean Canfield looked a bit hesitant early, but settled down in the second half and I thought he looked solid. I was most impressed with his poise and game management during the last drive, where he managed the clock perfectly and seemed calm, cool and confident in his team's ability to drive down the field and score.

Sammie Stroughter and James Rodgers were once again at their best (although
James' drop was very uncharacteristic). Ryan McCants had some nice runs as well,
showing his strength and toughness once he found a hole.

I'm not surprised as I've been singing his praises since seeing his film from
El Camino, but Jeremy Francis turned in an outstanding game too. The coaches
were not thrilled with his choice to pitch the ball to James (folks, that was
not a planned play), but it was heads up and turned out for the best as it stopped
the clock.



HE SAYS::...

Big shout out to Danny Langsdorf. He's doing a great job calling the offensive
plays for the first time this year and he showed that he can adjust on the fly
when things don't go as planned.

Quiz goes down….no problem. We'll just hit the fly sweep more.

Quon drops a long bomb…no problem. We'll catch them off guard with a quick
slant to Stroughter.

Ball on the 20 with no timeouts and a little over a minute left in the game,
trailing by a point with the Rose Bowl dream dying….no problem. We'll drive
down the field and kick the game winner with no time remaining. Heck, we'll
even make good use of the 3rd string running back on the drive.



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