December 8, 2008

OL Hickey blown away by BC

Murrysville (Pa.) Franklin Regional offensive tackle Sean Hickey has had a chance to check out several schools now and his latest trip was to Boston College. Hickey had a chance to tour the campus before he watched the Eagles defeat Maryland en route to the Atlantic Division title.

The 6-foot-6, 270-pound tackle has plenty of room for growth and the athleticism to become a top-notch lineman at the highest levels of college football.

He and his family made a trip to Pitt for their Backyard Brawl against West Virginia and then ventured out to Boston College.

"Boston College was great. I had a real good time out there," Hickey said upon returning home. "Last week I was at Maryland and on Friday I went to the Pitt-West Virginia game. We just drove up to Scranton on Friday night and slept there. We got up at about 7 o'clock and drove to Boston.

"The first thing we did was go to the stadium to meet with the coaches and that was a great experience. I really loved their staff. They were just great. It was my first time at BC.

"The stadium was just beautiful. When I saw the indoor hockey rink I was like, 'Wow, this is such a nice facility.' Then I went up to the recruiting lounge and that was incredible, too. They've been recruiting me for the past two months or so but we were just talking and emailing, so it was a great experience. I didn't get a chance to meet any of the players. When we were on the field they were all doing warm-ups."

In addition to Maryland, Pitt and BC, Hickey also visited Notre Dame earlier in the season. How would the trip to Boston College stack up with those other visits?

"I really liked BC. By far, they had the best recruiting day, in terms of how you went to the banquet, took the tour and met with the coaches. I really enjoyed going to Pitt also, since they're so close. I'm really close to Pitt's coaching staff.

"With Maryland, it was the first time I was down there so I started to meet some of the coaches. That was a good time, too.

"Notre Dame had a beautiful campus and the coaches were very outgoing. I had a chance to talk to them for a while and that was good. By far, though, the two best visits have been to Boston College and Pitt."

While Hickey was impressed with his visits to BC and Pitt he said he did not have any favorites as of yet. That said, those two schools rate "very high" on his list. He wants to take more visits before he comes out with a more official list.

"As of now I don't have any other plans," he said. "I've been on a bunch of visits lately so I'll wait until January before I visit any others.

"I'd like to check out Virginia and Virginia Tech, and I'd like to go back up to Boston College to talk to the coaches more. I want to try to get out to Northwestern as well. I'm trying to keep everything open right now but BC and Pitt are very high on my list."

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