January 8, 2009

Kindle has 'buzzards' circling him on decision

Before the Fiesta Bowl it appeared there was no doubt Sergio Kindle would be back at Texas next season. But after watching much of the game from the sidelines as coaches opted to stick with Henry Melton against Ohio State's potent rushing attack, there are people around Kindle telling him he should leave.

It doesn't appear that one of those people is Kindle's father, Johnny, but it's safe to say Kindle's father wasn't happy to see his son on the sideline for several stretches against Ohio State.

"There are some buzzards circling Sergio right now, saying, 'They're trying to hold you down,'" the source said. "But he understood Coach Muschamp's gameplan. He didn't like being on the sidelines a lot. But I asked him, 'You frustrated?' And he said, 'That's just part of the gameplan.'

"He said, 'It's Melton's senior year, and I understand that.' I think he went in hoping to have a player-of-the-game-type-performance, and if he was left in the game, he might have. But I don't think Sergio really worried about it after the game.

"Muschamp's told him he will not come off the field next year. He's got to trust Muschamp, and he does trust Muschamp."

An NFL source has indicated that Kindle's evaluation will project him as a "low second-round" selection. Under that scenario, Sergio indicated before the Fiesta Bowl that he'd definitely come back to Texas. But Kindle has told some people close to him that he wants a little more time to think it over.

Before the Fiesta Bowl, Kindle was shown an NFL mock draft for 2010 that showed him being selected No. 3 overall, and his eyes lit up. So my source still thinks Kindle is leaning toward coming back to Texas, but added, "I don't know for sure."

Kindle's bonds with Brian Orakpo, Roy Miller and Ryan Palmer are also still fresh on Kindle's mind. There's a part of him that wants to leave with those guys because they are some of his best friends. But Kindle has said if he comes back, he's willing to step into that leadership role.

"My gut is he wants to leave a legacy, and in his mind, he hasn't left a legacy," the source said. "I think he's going to be back and the people left in the Big 12, he'll reek havoc on. But again he could step on a nail tomorrow and say, 'I'm going to the draft.'

"I think he's just worn out. His dad couldn't get on the plane coming back without 25 people asking him. I really don't think the decision is made. I think in his heart he wants to stay, but it's a life-changing decision.

"This kid at 21 years old is deciding his future. I really think he's got more on his plate right now than he wants."

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