January 20, 2009

Wood's Role Changes With the Seasons

It's funny how quickly roles can reverse. On the football field Connor Wood the star quarterback for Houston Second Baptist's, a team that has about as many individual shoes in it's locker room as most Texas 5A schools have helmets. Yet on the basketball court Wood plays the role of a key reserve for a team that routinely challenges the best teams in the Houston area regardless of classification.

"I play a little bit, I don't think I'm as good as in football, but I have some fun," Wood said of his time on the hard court. "We had a big game last night, we played pretty well. We are 19 and 7 or something like that.

"We played some big 5A UIL schools and stuff. It's a good competition to play against them and see how they play."

The humor of competing against schools nearly 20 times as large as Second Baptist isn't lost on Wood.

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