February 25, 2009

Bulldog Q&A

Throughout the course of the year UGASports regularly conducts interviews with members of the Georgia football team to get their responses to questions our readers are asking to know.

In the future, if you would like a question asked of a Georgia player, send in your request to [email protected]

Here's what we have for today.

UGASports to center Ben Jones: "What point last year did you learn that coaches would be giving you a hard look at the starting center position?"

Jones: "They really didn't tell me I had a good shot but they told me if I worked hard, I'd have an opportunity. Everybody has a shot. Coach (Stacy) Searels was going to put the best five out there, so all I had to do was work hard and whoever the best five were, that's who was going to play that week."

UGASports to left tackle Trinton Sturdivant: "How difficult was it for you mentally to overcome the initial shock of tearing your ACL?

Sturdivant: "At first it was just a big blow to me and my family, my goals and everything. At the time I was told it was such a bad injury that I might not be able to come back from it but it sees now that I'm doing fine. I'm getting my strength back and don't really see any signs of regression or anything."

UGASports to left guard Cordy Glenn: "Did you expect to come in and earn a starting role right away?

Glenn: "I didn't expect to come in and start. I just came in knowing I was going to work hard, prove to everybody I could play and get everybody to trust me. Trinton was one of the people who helped me out the most, really. He helped me a lot, not just with learning the plays, but the little things like the right footwork, right steps, and things like that."

UGASports to freshman quarterback Aaron Murray: "Were you kind of floored when Coach Richt came and said take your time, and make sure you make the right choice during your recruiting process?

Murray: "A lot of schools were definitely pushy, to commit now, commit now and they would make promises, this and that. But Georgia wasn't like that. They just told me 'If you really want to come here, come here.' They weren't pushy, saying you know we want you; they were down to earth, cool. I really got to know them, they got to know me. I just wanted to go somewhere where I could definitely feel comfortable, and I definitely feel comfortable here."

UGASports to linebacker Darryl Gamble: "How do you view the middle linebacker position and do you anticipate staying there the rest of your Georgia career?

Gamble: "That's my foundation. That's where I started at and I know the most about. That's where I'm going to be until somebody moves me otherwise. But either way, anywhere I go I know what to do so it will be the same as last year, wherever I'm need, that's where I will be at."

UGASports to running back Richard Samuel: "How difficult will it be for you to watch spring practice knowing that you will not be able to contribute due to your injured wrist?"

Samuel: "It's going to be difficult because I like to be out there, I like to participate. I don't like to sit back. I like being part of things and go things that everybody else has to go through."

UGASports to running backs coach Bryan McClendon: "What kind of advantage will Caleb King and Carlton Thomas have this spring being that they will be your only healthy scholarship backs available?"

McClendon: "Definitely those guys are going to have a lot of opportunities to show what they can do. It's going to be the two of them, along with Kalvin Daniels, to show what he can do. They'll get a bunch of reps. As far as what they do with it only time will tell. We'll see if guys can cement their way in a certain spot or not, because when everybody's healthy, those guys are going to get a chance to see what they can do, too."

UGASports to defensive end Jeremy Longo: "Although you redshirted, you weren't able to get in the kind of work that you had hoped due to injuries. What all was wrong and are you ready to go this spring?"

Longo: "I was beat up a little bit. I came in the preseason and had fracture in the fifth metacarpal and just got beat up throughout the season. I had a little concussion, but right now for the most part I feel good. I'm going to try and take advantage of this opportunity the best I can. This is my time to show what I can do and hopefully make a name for myself.

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