April 1, 2009

Bostad sees potential in offensive line

MADISON, Wis. - It was evident during the first practice of spring ball how different the offensive line would look moving forward. After losing three very talented seniors, the Wisconsin linemen had to find a way to replace them with a relatively young group.

Through the first five practices of the season, it seems like the coaching staff likes a certain group of starters. With Gabe Carimi at left tackle, Jake Bscherer at left guard, John Moffitt at center, Bill Nagy at right guard and Josh Oglesby at right tackle, the line seems to be set.

Following a recent practice, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with offensive line coach Bob Bostad. The following is a question and answer with Bostad:

First of all, how is it to get back on the field?

Bostad: It's good to get back in pads. Going in shorts and stuff like that is good, there's a lot of good things to it, but it's just getting in pads is the true indicator.

Is it kind of limited when you are only in shorts and a helmet?

Bostad: You can get a lot of work done, you can get a lot of work done, but it's not the full measure.

With Bscherer out there at left guard, is that something that may have been in the works even last year before the redshirt?

Bostad: Probably not last year. The redshirt was more, 'hey, we got a good player here, if we don't have to play him, let's not. We can certainly play him next year, we're going to lose three real good players."

Has he stepped into that new role, I don't want to say with a chip on his shoulder, but is he accepting that new role?

Bostad: I think the fact that he has a chance to play, anybody would accept that role. His challenge is going to be to keep it. So, we've had four practices and we'll see how he does. We'll take it one day at a time.

Those guys on the line have had some experience but you lose, like you said, three pretty talented players…

Bostad: We've got two guys that have any experience. That's it.

So what are your expectations for spring and how do you move forward with them?

Bostad: I mean the expectations are high. I think the kids here know that everyone else has high expectations. They certainly have high expectations. There's no reason that these guys couldn't be every bit as good as lines in the past. It's just how good you want to be.

How about some of the younger guys like Peter Konz? How has he looked so far this spring?

Bostad: You know, to watch him out there a tackle, it's a good fit for him.

Is he the type of player you want back there in the backup role because he's the type of guy that pushes the guy in front of him.

Bostad: Absolutely, that's one of the main reasons he's there because we thought he would be the guy that would compete. So, yeah, so far he's doing a nice job with that.

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