April 7, 2009

It was back to work on Monday for Bruins

Monday's practice had a good tempo, but it can be even better and that is why Coach Rick Neuheisel was very vocal at the beginning of practice to get the pace going. It is quite obvious that this team is playing at a higher speed than previous years. Neuheisel was pleased with this team's effort. As usual, Neuheisel met with the press after practice to answer questions. Two of the topics were QB and the OL.

Neuheisel: "Good practice, good practice , you know Mondays are always a little iffy in terms of what kind of tempo you are going to get and I was very pleased with the kind of effort we got today and the kind of work we got today so I thought it was a great day for us. Hopefully we will get another great day.

"We will have some contextual scrimmage tomorrow towards the end to practice so that will be fun, but things are going well. I saw some great individual things today improvement wise, but I am looking forward to taking another step forward tomorrow."

Were the quarterbacks a little bit up and down today?

Neuheisel: "As opposed to the days (laughs). Actually I saw some improvement with our quarterbacks today. I'm a little more animated because we have to go fast. We have to improve. There as to be some urgency about improvement, but I saw some signs of life today."

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