May 20, 2009

Williams has a strong relationship with GA Tech

Defensive end Anthony Williams has strong connections to the Georgia Tech program and the six-foot-four 230-pound end from Union Grove High School in McDonough is getting closer to deciding and verbally committing.

What is your relationship like with the Georgia Tech coaching staff?

Assistant coach Giff Smith is recruiting me and he really likes me. We really have a good chemistry. I've always liked Georgia Tech and I have been talking to Denzel McCoy a lot lately, so that's been good. Right now, Tech is the top choice.

How would you describe your relationship with the Union Grove boys on the Georgia Tech football team?

I talk to Steven Sylvester a lot about football at Tech. I have always thought of Steven as my big brother. Kyle Jackson, I only played with him my freshman year so I only talk to him every occasionally. Being able to play with Stephen, we grew close, but he gives me pointers and any advice I need which is really cool.

What are your plans for this summer?

I really want to visit a couple of schools. I know I want to get to the University of Florida and I want to get out west and visit Oklahoma State and Stanford.

Do you have a timetable for your decision?

I am not really sure; I want to keep everything open as of right now. At one point, I thought I knew where I was going to school. I want to keep all doors open at this point and I will make my decision when I get that feeling. I will narrow it down this summer.

What is the most important thing in choosing a school?

Most of all it comes down to me being comfortable being there and my relationship with the coaching staff. Distance from home will not necessarily be a factor.

How is spring practice going so far?

Spring practice is going pretty good. Our defense will be strong this year. We are installing a new offense, but that is basically it.

Do you have a top five list of schools?

Georgia Tech
- I went to the spring game, I went to a couple of the practices, and they looked good out there. After they beat, Georgia last year the energy on the team is really good. Overall, it is a really good program.

- Assistant coach Tracy Rocker and coach Giff Smith from Georgia Tech go hand and hand. They both can joke around with me and at the same time be serious.

- The energy down there is great. I have talked to assistant coach Jody Allen a couple of times. I went there in the fall, I cannot remember which game it was, but the atmosphere down there is good.

- They were always a school that I liked and they just came off a National Title last year.

- Their defense is always top notch. I always watched Glen Dorsey and tried to model my game after his.

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