June 2, 2009

PA prospect goes in depth about SU offer

Murrysville (PA) Franklin Regional offensive tackle Sean Hickey has had a slow start to the recruiting process, but things are starting to heat up for him. It took longer than he had hoped, but his first BCS offer came in from Syracuse.

"Syracuse offered about three weeks ago."

Hickey, 6-foot-6, 280 pounds received the offer from Syracuse, but it was the story leading up to the offer that caught Hickey by surprise.

"Coach Conley came up and visited are practice and asked if he could get some film because he did not have any. I had one in my locker and I gave that to him. Later than night he sent me an email saying how on earth do you not have an offer already and that he couldn't believe that. He then said he was going to show it to the line coach and head coach and he said more than likely you will be getting an offer from us."

What Orange linebacker Coach Dan Conley said was exactly how it worked out. With the Orange offer in hand now Hickey is excited about the Orange.

"It felt great it felt really great [to receive the Syracuse offer]. The thing is with Syracuse now is that they have a brand new coaching staff and things are going to change and I really believe that they are going to be on the winning track, it is really exciting. The recruiting class that turns around the program will always be remembered and it is something that is very appealing about Syracuse."

The second team all state prospect knows that the Orange have been down for a few years, but he also knows that they used to be a winning program. He also likes the academic side of receiving the Syracuse offer.

"As a football program they have a storied program for a long time up until the past four or five years. Now with the new coaching staff I really believe that Syracuse is going to be on track. The school is a top academic school, getting an offer from a school like that is a lot of money."

Offensive tackle looks to be the most likely destination for Hickey, but he has not had a chance to talk about where he will be used on the field if he were to pick Syracuse just yet.

"We have not really talked about that, but I believe Coach Adkins told me they will be putting me at tackle he didn't say if it was right or left. It is more of a thing we will be talking about later."

What makes Hickey a solid division one tackle prospect?

"Definitely my strength. Every offensive lineman that gets recruited these days is big. I am not the biggest and I am not the tallest or weigh the most out there now a days. My quickness as well I can take on speed rushers and power rushers."

Right now with the Orange being the first BCS school to offer Hickey has made them standout over other schools at this time.

"I would say very high. Coach Adkins told me that I am one of the highest guys on his board and that he really likes me and the whole coaching staff. It says something that on the day that they watch your film they tell you that they are going to offer. It showed that they really like me and they think that I will be able to play somewhat early and I am happy about that."

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