June 3, 2009

Hickey talks more about recruiting

Yesterday CuseConfidential.com told you about what Murrysville (PA) Franklin Regional offensive tackle Sean Hickey thought about Syracuse after they offered him. Today you can find out about what other schools are looking at him and more.

Besides the Syracuse offer Hickey also holds offers from three other programs.

"I have also received offers from Marshall, Ohio, and Eastern Michigan."

Hickey, now holds four total offers, but after a few summer visits to schools in the Big 10 and other schools more offers could be on the way.

"A lot of Big 10 schools are showing interest, Wisconsin I think is close to offering me. I just need to go up there. Illinois may offer or I am going to go to their camp. Colorado is very interested as well as Northwestern, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Boston College."

Growing up a program that is near his hometown was his dream school, but recently a new way of thinking changed the thought of a dream school.

"If you would have asked me two years ago it would have been Pittsburgh. Then I realized how the recruiting process works and that you kind of have to drop your fan base. Now I am not a fan of any college. Now if I see a school that is recruiting me win I am happy for them, but I do not have any allegiance to a team. I am 100 percent open to any school, whatever school is the best fit for me I am going to pick. Just because I grew up a fan of Pittsburgh does not mean I am going to go there."

When it comes to making a decision everything will be up to the Keystone State product. Even though the choice is all his that does not mean his parents will not give their opinions.

"My parents think that whatever is best for me is best for me. They are going to have a time to say what they believe at the end of this process, but this is my decision. I will be spending four or five years of my life preparing for my life at this school, so they are going to trust that choice to me."

Speaking of decisions when will Hickey be ready to pull the trigger?

"Originally I wanted to make a decision a little later just so I could think about it longer, but I am not sure if that is going to happen now. The way schools need to know who is committing and the school only takes a certain amount of lineman. I believe I am probably going to have to make that decision earlier than I would like, but it is something I will do when the time comes."

When a player is in high school it is hard for college fans to get a feeling for how that person plays or what kind of attitude a prospect has. Hickey talked in depth about what kind of player he is like on the field and the player he likes to model his own game after.

"If there is one thing that is true it is that I am a massive Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I don't play his position, but I absolutely love how James Harrison plays. He is one of the biggest toughest players I have ever seen play football, so I try to get that mentality out. He is never satisfied and he is always playing with a chip on his shoulder. Even though I do not play his same position I like to have the same mindset that he does."

The next couple of months appear to be huge for the recruitment of Hickey.

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