June 1, 2009

Fortson is up to the challenge

Between injuries, adverse NCAA rulings, suspensions and off the field issues, Florida State's wide receiver corps has taken some big hits the past few months.

With the potential for a very thin depth chart when FSU opens the season against rival Miami, the offensive staff will have to rely heavily on some young receivers to carry the load. One young player that will have a lot on his shoulders this fall is Jarmon Fortson. And the sophomore receiver is going into the 2009 season with a chip on those shoulders.

"We are tired of everybody saying the receivers this or the receivers that, but we basically are the most talented group on the team," Fortson told Warchant.com. "We have to run out there and catch the ball between a lot of people. It's alright because the criticism will only make us better. If the running game is going to be busting like that, we love it. We want everybody to focus on the running game because that will make it way easier for us... We come out knowing we aren't going to be the weak link."

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