July 8, 2009

Todd healthy and ready to compete

The sting in Ben Tate's hands is a sign the battle for the starting quarterback position is shaping up as more than a two-horse race.

Juniors Kodi Burns and Neil Caudle dueled to a draw in the spring while senior Chris Todd mostly stood and watched as he recovered from shoulder surgery.

But the watching is over.

"Chris Todd, he puts some zing on that ball. He can throw it pretty hard. You can definitely tell that his shoulder was injured last spring and it's getting a lot better now," Tate said.

"I have to tell him sometimes, 'Hey Chris. Don't throw it so hard to me. We're just playing catch. We're just trying to get warmed up.'"

You can't blame Todd for putting a little extra zing on the ball during warm-ups after what he's been through the last two years.

The injury happened during the fall of 2007, Todd's lone season at Hutchison (Kan.) Community College. After consulting several doctors, Todd elected to rehab his shoulder rather than have surgery.

A decision he would regret.

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