July 24, 2009

Demien has top four

Hard work. It's not something Nick Demien is afraid of. But it is a big part of how he's gotten this far and why teams from coast to coast are recruiting him; including the Oregon Ducks. The 6' 5" 295lb. offensive lineman says he has a short list.

"I do have a top four, and a top two. The four are Oklahoma and Missouri at the top followed by Oregon and Wisconsin. Right now I'd put those two above Oregon and Wisconsin just because I've visited them. I like all four schools really but I know more about those two schools." Demien is a four-star rated left tackle with over a dozen offers from virtually every Big 12 school as well as UCLA, Arizona and Alabama. So why is he interested in Oregon and what about the story that he has family in Oregon?

"I do have family there. I have two cousins that attend school out that way. I have an aunt and uncle who live in Portland. And I had a cousin who went to Oregon. I won't be able to attend that wedding though. I'm in 4-H and I have a calf that I've raised and it turns out that I'm selling it the same weekend as that trip so I won't be out there for that. I'm not gonna be able to go to the wedding like I thought I would. "

About the Ducks and what in particular interests him Demien noted several things. "I know they have nice complexes and the stadium of course. I was out there awhile ago around when I was twelve or so and I remember it from that trip. Those things are appealing and it just seems like a place that I might want to go."

Demien says he may or may not take all of his trips. "I really don't know to be honest with you. I'm gonna have to take it as it comes I guess. Of course I'd like to decide as soon as possible because I don't want to leave people hanging, so I guess when it's right it's right."

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