August 10, 2009

20 Fearless Predictions: Will Sam Repeat?

As we now approach the start of Oklahoma's college football season, this Just Joshin' is going to combine your traditional musings of mine along with my annual '20 fearless'. For's new members the '20 Fearless' is a scary look inside Associate Editor Josh McCuistion's mind mixed with a few opinions on just what might take place in the 2009 season. And as count down the days to BYU in 'JerryWorld' on Sept. 5 we'll count down five predictions each Monday leading up to the game.

20. Jermie Calhoun will rush for at least 750-yards this season.
Analysis: With the chance to get even more carries this fall camp due to Demarco Murray's hamstring injury this one seems even more probable than it did. Add in that anyone who was listening heard the rave reviews from coaches and teammates following Calhoun spring's performance. Calhoun is a bigger more physical back than any Oklahoma has had since the days of a guy named Peterson, and while he may not have that kind of speed if reports from the spring are true Calhoun is a lot quicker than most had anticipated. He'll get his chances and here is betting a few big runs aid his total.

19 Sam Bradford will repeat as a Heisman finalist but will fail to bring home any hardware at all this year.
Analysis: I think with all the perceived good fortune that befell Oklahoma late in the season last year I can't help but think there will be some kind of backlash and Bradford may be dead in the water before the race starts in my opinion. When you add in the reality that Bradford will be behind 80-percent of a new offensive line and getting the feel for a near-equal number of green receivers and it seems that his massive numbers last year may be unmatchable. Besides the defending Heisman trophy winner wasn't a unanimous pick as all-conference and no public apologies had to be issued to appease of all people…the media.

18. There will be no such luck in Lubbock this year for Texas Tech.
Analysis: Sure there are always trying moments in big road games but no team has faced less luck in the last four years on one patch of grass, or in this case turf, than Oklahoma in Lubbock. In 2005 it was the mysterious calls that more or less robbed Oklahoma of several defensive stops. In 2007 Oklahoma's star freshman quarterback was knocked out while making a tackle. This year the Sooners face a depleted Texas Tech crew who while undoubtedly motivated after the drubbing in Norman last year simply won't have the horses, pardon the pun, to keep up.

17. Be very wary of the Kansas game in Lawrence this year.
Analysis: Yet again the Jayhawks fall into a great scheduling situation but this year surpasses even the good fortune of 2008. That's because unlike them pushing the Sooners in Norman last year after the big game in Dallas, they'll have a chance to knock off Oklahoma a week after the showdown at the Cotton Bowl. The Jayhawks also have plenty of offensive weapons and have already shown an ability for big plays in Norman, can they keep it up in Lawrence?

16. Gerald McCoy will take home Big 12 defensive player of the year honors.
Analysis: Before the season the honor was handed out to the very worthy Ndamukong Suh but as the season wears on it's hard to imagine people not noticing just how special McCoy is. Statistically, due to a defensive line stocked with NFL talent his stats probably again won't match Suh and while it's hard to separate the two McCoy's national exposure and the reality that he'll be playing in one big game after another should help push his notoriety well beyond that of his counterpart in the Big 12.

Next Monday: 15-11

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