August 19, 2009

Catchings to have second look as Beavs continue doubles

As the Beaver football team hit the halfway point of fall camp, fatigue and soreness looked to be settling in. Coach Riley took it a little easier on the veterans during Wednesday morning's session, but there was still intensity as the players worked toward their goals for the start of the season.

During the wide receiver drills the coaches and athletes worked extremely hard on perfecting their routes. Every move was watched and after each play coaches were coaching the players up. I have actually been very impressed with the coaching as Coach Locey is giving the guys a lot of detail and it seems to be making a lot of difference as the quarterbacks are connecting most of the time.

Speaking of quarterbacks, after yesterday's practice where Adam praised Ryan Katz and Peter Lalich, I walked away very impressed with freshman Cody Vaz's arm. He delivers a very accurate pass and has a strong arm to make the long throws. There is definitely some excitement around the future quarterbacks in the system.

No huge acrobatic grabs this morning, but Jordan Bishop continues to push Casey Kjos. With his size and athleticism Bishop could be a big time receiver down the road, and we expect him to see on the field quite a bit this season.

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