August 23, 2009

More sacks a focus for Baylor

While stopping the run is and always will be one of the most important aspects of football, never before have defenses had to face the shear abundance of teams who can effectively control the clock with high percentage routes rather than runs up the middle.

This, for all intents and purposes, is the era of the spread.

Because of it, defenses are changing along with the wide split, spread out offenses that have terrorized them as of late. Defensive lineman are slimming down, linebackers are starting to look like big safeties, and big safeties are, well, moving to linebacker.

More importantly for the men in the trenches, however, is the fact that pass rush has become king in the defenses that have evolved as a result.

"That's all we've been working on is pass rush," Baylor defensive lineman Trey Bryant said. "Last year, we started off strong but we didn't finish strong. We intend to change that this year."

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