August 25, 2009

Defense continues surge as fall camp rolls on

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Monday night's practice saw much of the same as this morning's practice. The
one difference was that it was a beautiful morning, with the sun shining out
on the practice field. As soon as the sun started to set this evening, the wind
picked up and the temperature dropped like a rock making all those in attendance
wish that they would have brought a blanket with them.

The Beavers defense again was dominant as at times the offense struggled to
move the ball up and down the field. Coach Cavanaugh again was very vocal with
his guys as he begged and pleaded with them to start playing as a unit and keep
someone out of the backfield. It wasn't all the offensive line's fault however,
as Coach Banker was very creative with some of his blitz packages and was sending
people often.

Some notes and highlights from practice:

  • The 1st team offense struggled a bit early on in practice as the defense
    made their presence felt in the backfield. While Sean Canfield wasn't sacked,
    a majority of his throws were rushed and due to that were off the mark.

  • Lance Mitchell continues to impress in the secondary, knocking what would
    have been a first down out of the hands of Casey Kjos. Canfield made a pretty
    good throw, throwing it across the field to Kjos; Mitchell just made a great
    play on the ball. It was timed perfectly on Mitchell's part as Kjos went to
    tuck the ball away only to have Mitchell swat it away.

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